Anonymous, 21 Apr 2014
Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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New Book: Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution

The book is a portrayal of the first three years of the Egyptian revolution that began on January 25, 2011. The story is told through striking images of art that transformed Egypt's walls into a visual testimony of bravery and...

Iraqi PM Maliki's Wikipedia Page Hacked

On Thursday 10 April 2014 the Wikipedia profile of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has been hacked. The English version of the page contains two malicious changes, both of them inside the Arabic name of Nouri al-Maliki,...

New Book: Wired Citizenship: Youth Learning and Activism in the Middle East

The book examines the evolving patterns of youth learning and activism in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In today’s digital age, in which formal schooling often competes with the peer-driven outlets provided by social...

New Report: Mapping Digital Media: Indonesia

The Open Society Foundations released its report Mapping Digital Media: Indonesia written by Kuskridho Ambardi, Gilang Parahita, Lisa Lindawati, Adam Sukarno & Nella Aprilia. "The Mapping Digital Media project examines the global...

Meet Kismet, the Muslim Superhero from the 1940s

In his article Kismet Seventy Years Later: Recognizing the First Genuine Muslim Superhero published on ISLAMiCommentary A. David Lewis introduces Kismet, a superhero of Bomber Comics issued in 1944-1945. Kismet, an Algerian Muslim...

Orchestrating Hip-hop Culture Online: Within and Beyond the Middle East

This current issue of CyberOrient brings together academics active at Scandinavian universities focusing on hip-hop from different aspects and fields. From different perspectives the authors seek to make sense of the impact,...
CyberOrient Constructing Muslim Hip Hop Identities on the Internet

Although music is not clearly permissible (halal) nor prohibited (haram) in Islam, many young Muslims today make hip hop music and also portray Muslim identities in their lyrics. The article discusses a case study of how Muslim...

Hanouneh style resistance. Becoming hip-hop authentic by balancing skills and painful lived experiences

The aim of this article is to examine the dialogically constructed authenticity between an independent hip-hop and reggae artist and her audience and how this construction in turn influences the music-making process, art...

“I Am Malcolm X” – Islamic Themes in Hip-hop Video Clips Online

The Internet provides a space for new interpretations and conversations concerning religious practices to take place without the direct interference of religious authorities. The intention of this article is to highlight one vivid...

Global Story

Hiphop has long been described as a quintessentially globalized music. Similarly, it has been understood as a unique window into the lives', fears and dreams of young people across the Arab and larger Muslim worlds for most of the...

Review: Religion and Hip Hop

The book under review brings together the category of religion, Hip Hop cultural modalities and the demographic of youth. Bringing postmodern theory and critical approaches in the study of religion to bear on Hip Hop cultural...

Review: Turkish Metal – Music, Meaning and Morality in a Muslim Society

The book is divided into seven chapters that deal with a variety of topics related to heavy metal, Turkey and Islam. The topics include questions concerning gender, nationalism, media coverage and satanic panic. The book is based...