Anonymous, 29 Nov 2015
Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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New Book: Preaching Islamic Renewal: Religious Authority and Media in Contemporary Egypt

The book examines the life and work of Muhammad Mitwalli Sha‘rawi, one of Egypt's most beloved and successful Islamic preachers. His wildly popular TV program aired every Friday for years until his death in 1998. At the height of...

New Book: Media and Political Contestation in the Contemporary Arab World: A Decade of Change

This book addresses the roles of various media in the shaping and active contestation of particular conflicts and political agendas in the Arab world. Interdisciplinary contributions examine the sociopolitical dynamics generated...

New Book: Reporting in the MENA Region: Cyber Engagement and Pan-Arab Social Media

The book explores the changing status and function of journalists and journalism given the new realities of reporting in the digital age. The authors draw on focus group discussions, interviews, and social media traffic surveys to...

New Book: Muhammad in the Digital Age

The book deals with topics such as the 2005 cartoon controversy in Denmark and the infamous 2012 movie trailer “Innocence of Muslims” that some believe sparked the attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, as well as how the...

New Book: Globalized Muslim Youth in the Asia Pacific: Popular Culture in Singapore and Sydney

The book in the Asia Pacific is a sociological study of Muslim youth culture based on original ethnographic fieldwork in two global cities in the Asia Pacific: Singapore and Sydney. Urban young Muslims in Singapore and Sydney face...

Problematizing Cyber Warfare

This special issue of CyberOrient engages with the relationships between "cyber" and "real" battlespaces, the mediatization of war, the need to expand our definition of warzones, and the importance of asking who participates in...

Violence and Visibility in Contemporary Syria: An Ethnography of the “Expanded Places”

This article reflects on the relationship between visibility and violence as redefined by the combined action of warfare and networked communication technologies. Drawing on the author's own ethnography conducted in Syria in 2010,...

Islamophobia in Online Arab Media

What is Islamophobia? A popular term among many newspapers articles, politicians’ speeches and scholarly texts, it is rarely clearly defined. Although the concept of ‘Islamophobia’ is difficult to define it has been a source of...

The Shifting Nature of Cyberwarfare in Middle Eastern States

While some theorists make the claim that “kinetic and traditional military power are losing importance to symbolic and media power,” in reality the present military situation is complicated by the variety of tactics used by both...

Visual Representation, Propaganda and Cyberspace: The Case of the Palestinian Islamist Movements

The article analyzes the changing position of the visual representation in the context of Islam from the starting point set up in the Qur’an and more specifically in the prophetic tradition to the theoretical positions of Islamic...

Presenting the Glossy Look of Warfare in Cyberspace – The Islamic State’s Magazine Dabiq

Since Ramaḍān 1435 (June/July 2014), the so-called ‘Islamic State’ (dawlat al-islāmiyya, IS), the ‘State of the Caliphate’ (dawlat al-khilāfa), publishes a periodic magazine entitled Dabiq. This glossy outlet, produced and...

The History of Telephony in the Non-West

This special issue of CyberOrient deals with the history of telephony in the non-west. Although the comprehensive histories of different media technologies in the west have been well covered in the existing media and history...