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Kharabeesh, the producer of Arabic mini cartoon shows available online and through mobile networks, answers the current upheavals in the North Africa with their cartoons featuring Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali, and also Bouteflika, Saleh and King Abdullah acting in minor roles. They mock Ben Ali's flight odyssey into exile, Mubarak glued on his chair or Gaddafi's characteristic speech style.

Kharabeesh has also produced many other cartoons, including educational Ahlan Online providing users with the skills needed for using Google tools, religious educational Ehsebha Sah tackling social issues from the Islamic standpoint or humorous Fawazeer Khashoom we Zagoom exploring the meaning and origin of some commonly used words.

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Watch all these cartoons on KharabeeshCartoons's channel and kharabeeshtunisia's channel.