New Media
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On May 31st, sixty speakers comprised of Islamic scholars, new media experts, academics, journalists, bloggers and activists will join the online audio conference titled "The Future of Islam in the Age of New Media". Each speaker will have 60 seconds to discuss the impact of new media on Islam and how Muslims perceive Islam in the digital age. The event is organized and hosted by Amir Ahmad, a digital media and marketing consultant, who blogs at and tweets at @SudaneseThinker.

The official website describes the current situation and introduces the upcoming discussion:

..., millions of Muslim Internet users today are getting exposed to a huge diversity of ideas and theological opinions on Islam, unlike ever before. Moreover, they have newfound freedoms to speak their minds and spread their ideas hardly with any restrictions at all.

Some of these ideas are troublesome and seek to lure young Muslims into extremist groups. Many further reinforce current mainstream Islamic thought. Others are deemed too liberal, heretical, and illegitimate by the orthodoxies, but are growing in influence. Some ideas attack Islam.

The event will be streamed live on May 31st at 8:30PM EST. Visit the official website for the speakers list and to get the access to the audio stream or downloadable mp3 file.