Fig. 1. Courtesy of Kuma Games, 2011.

Kuma Games, a US-based computer video games developer, launched its latest online Kuma War II's episode that allows gamers to raid the notorious compound in Abbottabad and kill Osama Bin Laden. Kuma War is a series of more than 100 missions recreating real-life military events, mainly those related to the War on Terror. The game is a first-person shooter and a multi-player with possibility to play the role of US Navy SEAL soldiers or Bin Ladin's guards.

The game's official website introduces the mission:

After months of surveillance and growing amounts of Intel, 79 Navy SEALs aboard two US Black Hawks and two more Chinooks cross into Pakistan under the cloak of darkness. The commandos quickly breech a secret compound, one designed for defense and manned by al Qaeda killers. In forty minutes and a rain of hot lead, a decades-long, worldwide manhunt for Osama Bin Laden will be ended... by you.

Keith Halper, the Kuma Games CEO, said for The Hollywood Reporter:

The SEALs must have been quick, smart, lucky or all of the above to have al Qaeda not be able to reach their weapons. Additionally, we see that the final rush up the stairs must have been incredibly perilous. Finally, the SEALs didn't know where Osama was and neither will you; every corner is a potential death trap and each must be explored to find your target. Players will see all the key elements first-hand and gain a knowledge of the operation that would be difficult to obtain through traditional linear narratives.

This episode of Kuma War's missions seems to be the final one, as Keith Halper explained:

There is a finality to the story arc that began with the invasion of Afghanistan (Operation Anaconda, our first episode) and ends with getting the guy we come for. Perhaps that's just optimism.

Visit the game's official website to see the full list of previous Kuma War's missions.