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The 3rd Arab Bloggers Meeting (AB11) is being held during 3-6 October in Tunis, organized by Heinrich Boell Foundation, Global Voices Online and Nawaat, a Tunisian collective blog. The objective of the event is "to enable face-to-face exchange, and to coach bloggers on how to leave their imprint on the international blogging sphere, make their voices heard, and to organize online and offline campaigns to pressure governments to stop censorship and restricting freedom of expression as well as build the mechanisms for debating transitional democracy, transparency and governance strategies."

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The official website presents the meeting as follows:

This year’s event will address an exhaustive list of issues, which will be determined by the bloggers attending this bar camp event, where the agenda is set by the delegates. The fourday event will kick off with a conference on the first day, where keynote speakers will address issues like IT policies; digital activism; the role of social media in a transitional democracy; why the revolution has succeeded in Tunisia and Egypt and struggled and stalled elsewhere; and other issues. In addition to bloggers, experienced journalists, IT security experts, human rights activists and lawyers and cyber-activists active on the political sphere will shape the agenda of the following days of the event, sharing their experiences and exchanging expertise with the delegates; and forging friendships and relations which will go a long way in ensuring the continuity of the work started in the First Arab Bloggers Meeting in 2008.

Check the live blog of the event's ongoing sessions at Jillian C. York's blog.

Naseem Tarawnah chronicles the event by using storify tool at his The Black Iris blog.

Also follow the hashtag #AB11 on Twitter for tweets related to the event.