Iranian Cinema and Globalization
Fig. 1. Iranian Cinema and Globalization. Courtesy of Intellect, 2012.

Intellect published a book titled "Iranian Cinema and Globalization: National, Transnational and Islamic Dimensions" writen by Shahab Esfandiary.

Publication Data

Esfandiary, Shahab. Iranian Cinema and Globalization: National, Transnational and Islamic Dimensions. Intellect, 2012. ISBN: 9781841504704.


Despite critical acclaim and a recent surge of popularity with Western audiences, Iranian cinema has been the subject of few academic studies—and those have been limited to the genres most visible on the international film circuit. Iranian Cinema and Globalization seeks to broaden readers’ exposure to other dimensions of Iranian cinema, including the works of the many prolific filmmakers whose movies have received little outside attention despite being widely popular within Iran. Combining theory with in-depth, interdisciplinary analyses of individual films, this volume also expands the current literature on Iranian cinema with insights into the social and political contexts involved.

About the Author

Shahab Esfandiary is a lecturer in the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham.

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