Call for papers for 20 pre-organized panels: Please see the attached summaries and send your proposals to the specific panel organizers before 4 June 2012.

1)   Armed Groups and the Arab Spring: Challenges and Opportunities

2)   Processes of Transformation in Society and Politics in the Context of Web 2.0 Communication

3)   A New Nationalism? Identity and Nationalism in a Revolutionary Context

4)   The Year after Fukushima: Chances and Challenges for Sustainable Energy Policies in the MENA-Region

5)   Religious Movements as Political Actors in the Near East

6)   Economic Development in the Middle East and North Africa

7)   „Euroislam“ in Eastern Europe

8)   “Citizenship is the Solution”: Is it the Upshot of the Arabic Spring?

9)   Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance

10) Economic Dimensions of Political Upheaval in the Arab World: Perspectives and Consequences

11) Migration, Mobility or Movements: Ways of People, Ideas and Goods around the Mediterranean Sea

12) Arab Spring: Background, Targets and Obstacles

13) The Military Factor in the Economy and the Implications for the Development in North Africa and Western Asia

14) Non-oil Economic Growth and Stability in Iraq

15) Re-thinking Geopolitics in the Post-2011-Revolutions in the Arab World

16) The Muslim Brothers: New Roles, New Historiographies

17) The Syrian Uprising – Motives, Actors and Agendas

18)  MENA and its Diasporas: Impacts on Homeland Politics

19) Conceptions of Gender in Turkey and the Turkish Diaspora

20) The Political and Economic Role of Turkey in the Near East.

The deadline for the registration of other papers and panels including abstracts of 300 words is 2 July 2012. This should be forwarded to Amke Dietert (email: Further information and registration