The Annual Brass Crescent Awards, a project started in 2004 with the purpose of promoting the best of the Muslim blogosphere, were awarded for year 2012. The best Muslim-authored blog is Sarah Farrukh's A Muslimah Writes. More than 1,000 people voted this year.

The Brass Crescent Awards are awarded on an annual basis, based on the Islamic calendar. Nominations begin immediately after Ramadan, with a panel of judges narrowing the nominees down to five in each category. Voting then begins and concludes shortly before Eid al-Adha, when the winners in each category are announced.

Best Blog: A Muslimah Writes (Sarah Farrukh)

This blog gives a refreshing insight into the experience of being a Generation Y Muslim, by way of Pakistan and Canada.

Best Female Blogger: Love InshaAllah (Ayesha Mattu & Nura Masnavi)

A space for Muslims to discuss sex, sexuality, caste/ethnicity/race/sect, gender, divorce and other issues that are impacting romantic and familial relationships.

Best Group Blog: Productive Muslim

Videos and articles that keep the reader connected to deen, along with practical tips on how make the best of dunya.

Brass Crescent Awards
Fig. 1. Courtesy of Productive Muslim.

Funniest Blogger: Maniac Muslim (Hamzah Moin)

Jokes which do not make fun of Muslims or Islam, but ones which portray the funny side of certain situations which only Muslims can relate to.

Best New Blog: Legilimens (Hammad Moses Khan)

Uniquely witty writing and uplifting messages by a Northern California-based graduate student.

Best Non-Muslim Blogger: The New Methofesto (Rev. Dr. Wesley Magruder)

A Methodist pastor who fasted for 30 days in Ramadan this year.

Best Post Or Series: Love InshAllah: I went down to the river to pray (Ayesha Mattu)

In this painfully honest and moving post, the author explores her complex relationship with a mother who disowns her, and her path to forgiving her mother.

Brass Crescent Awards
Fig. 2. Courtesy of Love InshAllah.

Best Regional Blog: Another Chinese Muallaf (Malaysia)

Ikhwan Ng is a Chinese Muslim living in Malaysia who converted to Islam in 2008. Writes about Malaysia's conflict among religions and cultural practices.

Best Design: I Got it Covered

The title and header image serve a symbolic purpose in conveying the blog's overall voice.

Best Writer: A Muslimah Writes (Sarah Farrukh)

In Sarah's blog, captioned 'faith and books, in strange, strange times', there can be found many an 'A-ha' moment.

Best Tweeter: @ibnpercy

A self-proclaimed 'zealot' on muslim civil rights, indefatigable linker to articles on Islamophobia and various Islamic resources.

Best Non-Muslim Tweeter: @acarvin

This NPR journalist has his finger on the pulse of the Arab Spring.

The list of all finalists in above-mentioned categories is available here.