You Say You Want a Revolution
Fig. 1. Courtesy of CIMA, 2013.

The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) at the National Endowment for Democracy released its report titled You Say You Want a Revolution... Then What?: The Challenges of Media Training in Post-Qaddafi Libya: A First-Person Essay written by Carolyn Robinson. The paper focuses on "how to structure [journalists] training in chaotic post-conflict environments."

From the report's preface:

Training in post-Qaddafi Libya presented a unique set of problems in addition to the usual ones encountered by media development professionals around the world. This first-person essay by Carolyn Robinson, a veteran journalist and media trainer, outlines some of the unusual obstacles and challenges she faced in managing two USAID/OTI grants in Libya for Internews in the very early days after the revolution, and how her team came up with novel approaches to overcome the special circumstances they faced on the ground. 

The usefulness of this report comes not so much from what can and should be done for media development in Libya today, but in how to structure training in chaotic post-conflict environments. CIMA is grateful to the author for her insights on this topic. We hope that this report will become an important reference for international media assistance efforts.

Table of Contents

About the Author                                                    
The Assignment                                                                         
Obstacles and Challenges                                                                     
Short Term or Long Term?                                              

The full report is available for PDF download here.