A Clash of Cultures
Fig. 1. Courtesy of CIMA, 2013.

The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) at the National Endowment for Democracy released its report titled A Clash of Cultures: Hate Speech, Taboos, Blasphemy, and the Role of News Media written by Jane Sasseen.

From the report's introduction:

To most Americans working in media–indeed, to most Americans–there are few more fundamental rights. The ability of individuals to openly speak their minds is a core principle not only of American journalism, but also American democracy. Even when speech is insulting or disrespectful to others–speech that might run afoul of hate speech laws throughout Western Europe or be banned outright in much of the rest of the world–it is generally permitted in the United States.

But the rise of the Internet and the instantaneous global communications it enables have raised a host of new questions about how to handle hate speech and other potentially offensive speech when it can be seen by audiences in other countries that do not share those values.

Table of Contents

The Role of the Press Around the Globe
Innocence of Muslims and Other Disputes
Where Does the Line Get Drawn?
Tech Companies as Gatekeepers
The Implications for Media Training

The full report is available for PDF download here.