Lorenzo Kamel, historian from Bologna University and currently (2013/2014) Visiting Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and Daniela Huber, researcher at the Istituto Affari Internazionali of Rome in the Mediterranean and Middle East programme, are assembling an edited volume about the role and the reactions of “peripheries” to the so-called Arab Spring.

An overwhelming majority of the works on the subject are focused on cities, power centers, and high politics. Media outlets in both the print press and television networks have mainly reported on the developments which occurred in the major cities and usually did not cover events in the “periphery.” This comprehensive collection is instead interested in examining if and how peripheries have reacted and, in case, contributed to the historical changes currently unfolding in the MENA region.

The concept of “periphery” applies geographically, as well as socially: it includes countrysides, rural areas, minority groups, and every place or group commonly considered far from institutionalized power.

We are looking for chapters from across the disciplines, theoretical and empirical inputs, and are particularly interested in topics such as gender, LGBT, development issues, the dynamics registered in specific rural villages, the impact of the Arab Spring on the “everyday,” and the “borderlines” of the Arab Spring. Our purpose is to produce a cross-over book that will appeal to both scholarly and general audiences and that accounts for the broader meanings and implications of changes occurring in the peripheries of countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Libya and Iran.

Deadline for 400-word abstracts, interview proposals, and images, with 300-word author biographies is 1 November 2013. Peer reviewing of abstracts and selection decisions will be made by 15 November 2013, and chapter length and citation specifications will be sent to the selected authors. Full chapters must be submitted by 15 February 2014. Please send all written materials as WORD.doc and all images as JPEGs to Lorenzo Kamel, lorenzo.kamel2@unibo.it and Daniela Huber, d.huber@iai.it, subject heading PERIPHERIES.