The Annual Brass Crescent Awards, a project started in 2004 with the purpose of promoting the best of the Muslim blogosphere, were awarded for year 2013. The best Muslim-authored blog is ProductiveMuslim.

Brass Crescent Awards 2013
Fig. 1. Courtesy of ProductiveMuslim.

Best Blog: ProductiveMuslim (Abu Productive)

For several years, ProductiveMuslim has offered tips on being a more fulfilled practioner of Islam. The articles are very intuitive, current, educational, well-edited and captivating to young and old alike.

Best Female Blogger: Side Entrance (Hind Makki)

This project was started by Hind Makki as a way to describe her frustrations with being cast off to the side entrance of a mosque. It has since become something much more nuanced and beautiful.

Best Group Blog: Muslim Matters

MuslimMatters has consistently taken a turn for the better, the diversity of opinions and topics is at an all-time high - there's no where to go but up.

Funniest Blogger: Muslim Medicine (Dr. O)

Dr. O combines his experience in the medical field with Islamic teachings, and of course with a generous dose of humor. Cleverly addresses and discusses American-Muslim issues that many Muslims have personally encountered. 

Brass Crescent Awards 2013
Fig. 2. Courtesy of Muslim History Detective.

Best New Blog: Muslim History Detective (Precious Rasheeda Muhammad)

Precious Rasheeda Muhammad is one of the most knowledgable historians of the Muslim-American experience, and she's now blogging to tell you about some of what she's discovered.

Best Non-Muslim Blogger: My Islamic Life (Kristina ElSayed)

Kristina is a non-Muslim married to a Muslim who is raising Muslim children. This blog chronicles the adventures she has had in trying to teach her children to be good Muslims without having grown up in the faith and culture. 

Best Post Or Series: The Parallel Universe Where My Brother Lives (Brain Knows Better)

This heartfelt piece discussed mental illness, suicide, mental health, and family conflict in an extremely honest and healing way that destroys stigma and encourages Muslims to get help.

Best Regional Blog: Islam in China (Wang Daiyu)

China is the fastest growing economy in the world with a fast growing Muslim population, and nobody gives a more nuanced understanding of Islam and China than Wang Daiyu. 

Best Media Blog: Yasir Qadhi YouTube Channel

Informative and detailed, Yasir Qadhi also tackles sensitive issues for contemporary Muslims. The channel is also updated regularly with khatirahs on all sorts of timely subjects.

Best Writer: Ramadan Reflection (Khalid Latif)

Imam Latif, a New York imam that engages often with young Muslims, is a unique voice in the US Muslim community who addresses issues that should be at the forefront but sadly often aren't. 

Best Tweeter: @JihadiJew (Lee Weismann)

Lee tweets often about spirituality and religious tolerance, espcially between Muslims and Jews.

The list of all finalists in above-mentioned categories is available here.