Liking Facebook in Tehran
Fig. 1. Liking Facebook in Tehran. Courtesy of The Iran Media Program, 2014.

The Iran Media Program, a project of the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, released its report titled Liking Facebook in Tehran: Social Networking in Iran.

From the report's introduction:

This report, based on an online survey of Iranian Facebook users, contributes to a small but growing body of scholarship on social and new media use in Iran. Our findings offer new insights into the Iranian Facebook ecosystem, including patterns of Facebook usage among Iranians, why and how Iranians are using Facebook, what types of content they are sharing, as well as perceptions of privacy and security associated with using Facebook. In addition, the survey addresses the key question of whether Facebook is being used as a tool for political engagement and civic activism among Iranian internet users, as initial assessments suggested.

Table of Contents

Summary of Findings
Survey Sample
1. Accessing Facebook
1.1. Internet Connection Speeds, Hardware, Access Locations
1.2. Circumvention Tools
2. Facebook Usage and Activities
2.1. Facebook Usage: Primary Reasons for Using Facebook
2.2. Facebook Activities: Liking, Commenting, Following, Sharing
3. Trust, Privacy and Security
3.1. Trust in Online Networks
3.2. Privacy Issues
3.3. Perceptions of Security Risks of Facebook Usage
4. Additional Social Networking Activities
5. Conclusion
6. References
7. Annex

The full report is available for PDF download here.