The beginning of 2011 was marked by the considerable contribution of the new social media in mobilizing and rallying Arab streets, and in inducing changes in the political, social, educational, media and other sectors. While conventional media had long been mirrors reflecting the marginal role played by recipient audiences as consumers not participants or active players, new media was able to enforce new debating, exchange and participation opportunities by offering people broader windows to look for information and the right to contribute to communication operations, and by making the virtual space an alternative to the conventional public space.

This conference will make an attempt to understand various approaches dealing with the new media and to identify the role of online stakeholders in dismantling the sets of values and developing them again. It thrives to comprehend transformations induced by the use of new media in the political, social, cultural, and economic spheres. It will also tackle the changes affecting the work of media and communication professionals, and also their influence on professional ethics and the need to respect individual privacy. Presentations dealing with the aforementioned issues will be welcomed and should be integrated into one of the following panels:

  • Social Media in the Arab World: Theoretical and Historical Approaches
  • Social Media, Democratic Change and Political Participation
  • Social transformations in the Arab World and the role of the elite: disaggregating and emerging elites
  • New media and communication practices: Violations against ethics and privacy of individuals
  • Professionals’ experiences in the field of new media: towards an Arab Code of Digital Media Ethics