Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet
Fig. 1. Courtesy of The Institute for Religious Studies at the University of Heidelberg.

The Institute for Religious Studies at the University of Heidelberg released a new issue of its Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet (Vol 6, 2014).

Table of Contents

1. Cyberspace and Eschatological Expectations. On How Techno-Sciences Bolster the Belief in a Spiritually Connected Humanity by Cecilia Calheiros
2. ‘Okhti’ Online. Spanish Muslim Women engaging online Jihad – a Facebook case study by Claudia Carvalho
3. Virtual Christian Places. Between Innovation and Tradition by Stefan Gelfgren
4. Digital Participatory Culture: Transnationality, Fandom & Diversity. Religion and Gender in German-written Fan Fiction and Fan Forums by Lisa Kienzl
5. Cyberspace and the Sacralization of Information by Sean O'Callaghan
6. Trans-European Adaptations in the Diamond Way: Negotiating Public Opinions on Homosexuality in Russia and in the U.K. by B. Scherer
7. Double-clicking the Temple Bell. Devotional aspects of Jainism online by Tine Vekemans
8. Remixing Images of Islam. The Creation of New Muslim Women Subjectivities on YouTube by Kayla Renée Wheeler
9. I ‘like’ my Patriarch. Religion on Facebook. New Forms of Religiosity in Contemporary Georgia by Sophie Zviadadze

All articles are available for PDF download here.