Journalism and Social Media in Africa
Fig. 1. Journalism and Social Media in Africa. Courtesy of Routledge, 2014.

Routledge published a new book titled "Journalism and Social Media in Africa: Studies in Innovation and Transformation" edited by Chris Paterson.

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Paterson, Chris (Ed.). Journalism and Social Media in Africa: Studies in Innovation and Transformation. Routledge, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-415-74526-0.


Through innovative research studies and expert commentaries, this book documents the fast evolving invention of the relationship between the millions of social media and mobile phone users around Africa and traditional purveyors of news. Whilst social media demonstrates an unprecedented ability for the politically engaged to both bypass and influence traditional information flows, it also faces unique circumstances through much of Africa. Signs of social change brought by mobile technology are evident around the continent, raising questions about the nature of information exchange and citizenship. Working from a wide variety of perspectives and methodologies, the contributors to this collection address key questions emerging from rapid communication change in Africa. This book reveals how new, participatory, interactive communications technologies are enabling new tellings of Africa’s stories.

This book was originally published as a special issue of Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Journalism and social media in the African context by Chris Paterson
I. Research Reports
2. Challenging hegemonic media practices: Of ‘alternative’ media and Nigeria's democracy by Motilola Olufenwa Akinfemisoye
3. Poke me, I'm a journalist: The impact of Facebook and Twitter on newsroom routines and cultures at two South African weeklies by Marenet Jordaan
4. The Nairobi Hub: Emerging patterns of how foreign correspondents frame citizen journalists and social media by Paulo Nuno Vicente
5. Media representations of technology in Egypt's 2011 pro-democracy protests by Melissa Loudon and B. Theo Mazumdar
6. A forgotten tweet: Somalia and social media by Skye Cooley and Amy Jones
7. A complicated but symbiotic affair: The relationship between mainstream media and social media in the coverage of social protests in southern Africa by Admire Mare
II. Case studies from Southern Africa
8. Introduction to the section by Chris Paterson
9. Social media and journalism: The case of Swaziland by Richard Charles Rooney
10. Participatory journalism in Mozambique by Chris Paterson and Simone Doctors
11. Social media and the politics of ethnicity in Zimbabwe by Shepherd Mpofu
III. Comment
12 ‘It's struck a chord we have never managed to strike’: Frames, perspectives and remediation strategies in the international news coverage of Kony2012 by Toussaint Nothias

About the Author

Chris Paterson is a senior lecturer and leader of the MA in International Communication at the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds, UK. He has published extensively on news agencies, international journalism and communication in Africa.

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