Online Arab Spring
Fig. 1. Online Arab Spring. Courtesy of Chandos Publishing Social Media, 2014.

Chandos Publishing Social Media published a new book titled "Online Arab Spring: Social Media and Fundamental Change" written by Reza Jamali.

Publication Data

Jamali, Reza. Online Arab Spring: Social Media and Fundamental Change. Chandos Publishing Social Media, 2014. ISBN: 978-1843347576.


What is the role of social media in fundamentally changing Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa? Online Arab Spring responds to this question, considering five countries: Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, and Tunisia, along with additional examples. The book asks why the penetration rate for social media differs in different countries: are psychological and social factors at play? Each chapter considers national identity, the legitimacy crisis, social capital, information and media literacy, and socialization. Religious attitudes are introduced as a key factor in social media, with Arabic countries in the Middle East and North Africa being characterized by Islamic trends. The insight gained will be helpful for analysing online social media effects internationally, and predicting future movements in a social context.

- provides innovative interdisciplinary research, incorporating media studies, cultural aspects, identity and psychology
- presents a detailed study of factors such as national heritage, cultural homogeneity, belief system and consumer ethnocentrism
- focuses on religious attitudes in the context of online media

About the Author

Reza Jamali is a PhD candidate in Strategic Management at TMU, a selected researcher at Yazd University (2009) and researcher at the Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology. He has published widely in issues of strategic management, focusing on information technology and social media, and science and technology ethics. His research interests include social, cultural, and religious effects of online social media and internet-based technologies.

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