The editors of Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet ( invite researchers of all disciplines to hand in articles on their research dealing with religions on the internet and other digital environments (e.g. videogames) for the next regular issue 09 (2015) – due for publication in November 2015. We are looking forward to receiving the title and a short abstract (max. 250 words) of planned articles until 1st of June.

Online HJRI is an international open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Institute of Religious Studies at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). The journal is committed to promoting and (theoretically and methodically) advancing scientific research at the interface between religion and the internet and digital media. The editors welcome submissions from all academic disciplines and perspectives (e.g. Religious Studies, Game Studies, Social Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Theology, Anthropology, etc.) focusing on general and specific issues of religion and digital media, e.g. religion in videogames. Additionally, we encourage authors to review (new) books dealing with subjects relevant to the journal’s scopes.

Authors are expected to present their research in terms of relevant theoretical and / or methodological discussions and to be of interest to a wide, but mainly academic audience in a manner intelligible not only to specialists. Online HJRI is looking forward to submissions and inquiries of any kind. Please contact