Discourses of Ideology and Identity
Fig. 1. Discourses of Ideology and Identity. Courtesy of Routledge, 2015.

Routledge publishes a new book titled "Discourses of Ideology and Identity: Social Media and the Iranian Election Protests" written by Chris Featherman.

Publication Data

Featherman, Chris. Discourses of Ideology and Identity: Social Media and the Iranian Election Protests. Routledge, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-13-882558-1.


In this monograph, Chris Featherman adopts a discourse analytical approach to explore the ways in which social movement ideologies and identities are discursively constructed in new and old media. In the context of his argument, Featherman also considers current debates surrounding the role that technologies play in democracy-building and global activist networks. He engages these critical issues through a case study of the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests, looking at both US legacy media coverage of the protests as well as activists’ use of social media. Through qualitative analysis of a corpus of activists’ Twitter tweets and Flickr uploads, Featherman argues that activists’ social media discourses and protesters’ symbolic and tactical borrowing of global English contribute to micronarratives of globalization, while also calling into question master narratives about Iran commonly found in mainstream Western media accounts. This volume makes a timely contribution to discussions regarding the relationship between cyber-rhetoric and democracy, and provides new directions for researchers engaging with the influence of new media on globalized vernaculars of English.

Table of Contents

1. Opening: Protesting the Results
2. 'Down with Potatoes!': Theory, Methods, Contexts
3. Constructing the Protestor's Identities in the U.S. Media
4. Borrowed Language: Symbolic Resources and Discursive Stance
5. Collective Action and Identifying across Networks
6. Effervescence or Resonance?: Closings

About the Author

Chris Featherman is an applied linguist and Lecturer in English at Northeastern University, USA.

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