Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet
Fig. 1. Courtesy of The Institute for Religious Studies at the University of Heidelberg.

The Institute for Religious Studies at the University of Heidelberg released a new issue of its Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet (Vol 7, 2015) titled Religion in Digital Games Reloaded edited by Simone Heidbrink, Tobias Knoll and Jan Wysocki.

Table of Contents

1. “What would Jesus Play?” Actor-Centered Perspectives on Gaming and Gamers (In Lieu of an Introduction)
2. Nephilim: The Children of Lilith. The Place of Man in the Ontological and Cosmological Dualism of the Diablo, Darksiders and Devil May Cry Game Series
3. Living the Phantasm of Demediation. The Priest-Kings and the Technology Prohibition in the Gorean Role-playing Games
4. “Venturing into the Unknown”(?) Method(olog)ical Reflections on Religion and Digital Games, Gamers and Gaming
5. Simulating the Apocalypse. Theology and Structure of the Left Behind Games
6. The Politics of Pokémon. Socialized Gaming, Religious Themes and the Construction of Communal Narratives
7. A Digital Devil’s Saga. Representation(s) of the Demon in Recent Videogames
8. Prophecy, Pre-destination, and Free-form Gameplay. The Nerevarine Prophecy in Bethesda’s ‘Morrowind’
9. ‘Playing God’. On God & Game
10. Beyond Belief. Playing with Pagan Spirituality in World of Warcraft
11. “Are Those the Only Two Solutions”? Dealing with Choice, Agency and Religion in Digital Games
12. Revisiting Gabriel Knight. Troubled Hero and Unknowing Servant of the King of Kings
13. Playing with Religion in Digital Games. Extensive Review
14. Religion in Play: Games, Rituals, and Virtual Worlds. Review

All articles are available for PDF download here.