Translating Dissent
Fig. 1. Translating Dissent. Courtesy of Routledge, 2015.

Routledge published a book titled "Translating Dissent: Voices From and With the Egyptian Revolution" edited by Mona Baker.

Publication Data

Baker, Mona (Ed.). Translating Dissent: Voices From and With the Egyptian Revolution. Routledge, 2015. ISBN: 9781138929876.


Discursive and non-discursive interventions in the political arena are heavily mediated by various acts of translation that enable protest movements to connect across the globe. Focusing on the Egyptian experience since 2011, this volume brings together a unique group of activists who are able to reflect on the complexities, challenges and limitations of one or more forms of translation and its impact on their ability to interact with a variety of domestic and global audiences.

Drawing on a wide range of genres and modalities, from documentary film and subtitling to oral narratives, webcomics and street art, the 18 essays reveal the dynamics and complexities of translation in protest movements across the world. Each unique contribution demonstrates some aspect of the interdependence of these movements and their inevitable reliance on translation to create networks of solidarity. The volume is framed by a substantial introduction by Mona Baker and includes an interview with Egyptian activist and film-maker, Philip Rizk.

With contributions by scholars and artists, professionals and activists directly involved in the Egyptian revolution and other movements, Translating Dissent will be of interest to students of translation, intercultural studies and sociology, as well as the reader interested in the study of social and political movements.

Table of Contents

Beyond the Spectacle: Translation and Solidarity in Contemporary Protest Movements
I. Narrating Revolution, Historicizing Revolutions
1. A Wish Not to Betray: Some Thoughts on Writing – and Translating – Revolution
2. Changing Frames and Fault-lines
3. Translation and Diaspara Politics: Narrating the Struggle at ‘Home’ and ‘Abroad’
4. The Contemporary Epoch of Struggle: Anti-austerity Protests, the Arab Uprisings and Occupy Wall Street
II. Translation as Political Intervention
5. Text and Context: Translating in a State of Emergency
6. Ethical Reflections on Activist Film Making and Activist Subtitling
7. What Word Is This Place? Translating Urban Social Justice and Governance
8. Translation and the New Poetics of Egypt’s Revolution
III. Challenging Patriarchy
9. Translation and Solidarity in Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution
10. On Translating a Superhero: Language and Webcomics
11. An Archive of Hope: Translating Memories of Revolution
IV. Translation and the Visual Economy of Protest
12. Translating Emotions: Graffiti as a Tool for Change
13. Democratic Walls: Street Art as Public Pedagogy
14. Pharaonic Street Art: The Challenge of Translation
15. Translating Egypt’s Political Cartoons
16. Solidarity, Translation and the Politics of the Margin
Epilogue: Moments of Clarity

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