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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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Book: Watching Arabic Television in Europe: From Diaspora to Hybrid Citizens

Anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise in Europe, focused on Islam and on Arabs, and manifested in increasingly rigorous immigration regimes. What are Arabic Europeans watching on television and how does it affect their identities as Europeans? New quantitative and qualitative evidence from seven capitals shows that, far from being isolated in ethnic media ghettoes, they are critical news consumers in Arabic and European languages. Arabic speakers from the Maghreb, concentrated in Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid are bicultural, focusing on media in their European and Arabic homelands. Other Middle Eastern Arabic speakers are more transnational in their media. The author argues that hybrid television cultures of the sort found among Arabic speakers in Europe enhance, rather than detract from, the culture of civic life in Europe.

New Book: Lost Walls: A Calligraffiti Journey through Tunisia

Lost or forgotten were the walls that now proudly carry the messages of calligraffiti artist eL Seed. "Lost Walls", his first book, beautifully and poetically documents these walls, handpicked during his road trip around Tunisia in summer 2013. "Lost Walls" is a calligraffiti journey of discovery for eL Seed, who chronicles the painting of 24 walls in four weeks. Inspired by the reaction to his largest project to date, the minaret of the Jara mosque in his ancestral home of Gabes, eL Seed decided to set out on this month-long personal journey across his motherland, painting "lost" walls along the way. This book provides unique and rare insight into the world of calligraffiti and the Tunisian people.

CFP: Social Networking in Cyber Spaces: European Muslim’s Participation in (New) Media

Nov 27, 2014 – Nov 28, 2014
Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies, KU Leuven University
Merve Reyhan Kayikci
social networks, Internet studies, information and communication technology, media studies, communication studies, Islam, Europe
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Jun 20, 2014

Book: Ethnic Minorities and Media in the Holy Land

This anthology comprises selected studies about minorities and the media in Israel. The book's articles are written by key Israeli minority studies and media scholars, with special emphasis on those who are themselves part of minority groups. Based on an innovative paradigm that differentiates between media for minorities and media by minorities, the book contains important insights for understanding the place and roles of the minority media in other national contexts.

Media Workshop: Media and the Arab Spring

Jun 13, 2014
Institut für den Nahen und Mittleren Osten, LMU Munich
David Arn
social networks, Internet studies, Arab Spring, social media, information and communication technology, media studies, communication studies, Internet

New Book: Revolution in the Age of Social Media: The Egyptian Popular Insurrection and the Internet

The book provides piercing insights into the ongoing struggles between people and power in the digital age. Egypt’s 25 January revolution was triggered by a Facebook page and played out both in virtual spaces and the streets. Social media serves as a space of liberation, but it also functions as an arena where competing forces vie over the minds of the young as they battle over ideas as important as the nature of freedom and the place of the rising generation in the political order.

New Book: Media in Egypt and Tunisia: From Control to Transition?

The author of the book travelled to Cairo and Tunis to interview local journalists and learn about both their experiences under the previous regimes and how they were navigating the political transitions. Based on these conversations, the resulting study explains the shifting red lines under the Mubarak and Ben Ali regimes, examining how these lines were enforced and how the regimes manipulated media to manufacture popular acquiescence or apathy. A map emerges of an institutional and cultural media landscape that presents challenges to establishing the genuine public service media both countries need in order to thrive as democracies.

Book: Muslim Family Law in Western Courts

This book focuses on Islamic family law as interpreted and applied by judges in Europe, Australia and North America. It uses court transcriptions and observations to discuss how the most contentious marriage-related issues - consent and age of spouses, dower, polygamy, and divorce - are adjudicated. The solutions proposed by different legal systems are reviewed , and some broader questions are addressed: how Islamic principles are harmonized with norms based on gender equality, how parties bargain strategically in and out of court, and how Muslim diasporas align their Islamic worldview with a Western normative narrative.

Religion in Cyberspace 2014

Nov 28, 2014 – Nov 29, 2014
Czech Republic
Faculty of Law, School of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno
Internet studies, study of religion, psychology, sociology
Jul 31, 2014

International Conference: Social Media in a Changing Media Environment: Lessons from the Arab World

Oct 16, 2014 – Oct 18, 2014
AREACORE (Arab-European Association for Communication and Media Researchers) and Université La Menouba
Ms. Elhem Jouini
cyberactivism, social networks, Internet studies, Arab Spring, media studies, communication studies, social media, Internet
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May 15, 2014
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