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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
keyword: Islam and civil society

Book: Islamic Movements of Europe

This book outlines the configuration of social, political and religious processes that have given rise to new kinds of European Muslim organisations. The authors offer a new perspective on these Muslim groups and seek to reclaim them from the often highly-charged public debates by placing them within the context of their origins as politicised religious movements on the one hand and their ongoing incorporation into European societal structures on the other. They also consider the relationship of these organisations to their 'parent' movements and examine the presence of Islam in European education and higher education institutions.

New Book: The Oxford Handbook of American Islam

This handbook covers the growth of Islam in America from the earliest Muslims to set foot on American soil to the current wave of Islamophobia. Topics covered include the development of African American Islam; pre- and post-WWII immigrants; Sunni, Shi'ite, sectarian and Sufi movements in America; the role and status of women, marriage, and family; and the Americanization of Islamic culture. Throughout these chapters the contributors explore the meaning of religious identity in the context of race, ethnicity, gender, and politics, both within the American Islamic community and in relation to international Islam.

New Book: The Oxford Handbook of European Islam

The book presents a comprehensive approach to the multiple and changing ways Islam has been studied across European countries. Parts one to three address the state of knowledge of Islam and Muslims within a selection of European countries, while presenting a critical view of the most up-to-date data specific to each country. These chapters analyse the immigration cycles and policies related to the presence of Muslims, tackling issues such as discrimination, post-colonial identity, adaptation, and assimilation. The thematic chapters, in parts four and five, examine secularism, radicalization, Shari'a, Hijab, and Islamophobia with the goal of synthesizing different national discussion into a more comparative theoretical framework.

Everyday Life Practices of Muslims in Europe: Consumption and Aesthetics

Nov 28, 2013 – Nov 29, 2013
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Saliha Özdemir
photography, art, Europe, music, film, Islam and civil society, intellectual property
Jun 15, 2013

Book: Islamist Radicalisation in Europe and the Middle East: Reassessing the Causes of Terrorism

Are today's radicals tomorrow's extremists? Are adherents to Islamism necessarily extremist or violent? Most analyses of violence emanating from the Middle East or from Europe's Muslim communities tend to assume that this is the case. Not so in this book. The book, with a wide-ranging and case-by-case approach, examines the specific contexts of radicalism and asking what creates the conditions for radicalisation.

Muslim Religious Media and the Arab Spring

Apr 8, 2013 – Apr 10, 2013
Center for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies of the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
information and communication technology, Islam, Arab Spring, politics, Islam and civil society, public sphere
Feb 20, 2013
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