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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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keyword: social networks
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Dynamics of Development in Arab Broadcasting

Mar 12, 2008 – Mar 15, 2008
Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute
social networks, information and communication technology, Islam
Sep 30, 2007

Ethnography of Cyberspace: Globalism, Localism and “Cyber-grassroots” in Bahrain

Increases and changes in trans-communication, global flows of culture, capital, and political power have recently and concurrently changed certain modes of social life in Bahrain. For more than five years, Bahrain has witnessed increasing space for freedom and liberality as reflected in many public and private opportunities for exercising freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, and demonstration (masira). The government, applying the strategy of containment, has become more flexible and open to criticism from both grassroots and opposition groups. It has strengthened dialogue in the service of peaceful coexistence of multi-ethnic and sectarian groups. However some restrictions have recently been imposed on some websites. Peaceful dialogue has been practiced through many channels. Internet or cyberspace forums (muntada; pl. muntadayat), have especially been most effective. By utilizing global cyberspace, social, religious and political messages have reached broad grassroots audiences.
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