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New Book: Film in the Middle East and North Africa: Creative Dissidence

This book includes nine essays that present the region's major national cinemas, devoting special attention to the work of directors who have given image and voice to dissent from political regimes, from patriarchal customs, from fundamentalist movements, and from the West. These country essays are complemented by in-depth discussions of eighteen films that have been selected for both their excellence and their critical engagement with pressing current issues.

Cinema in an Age of Terror: North Africa, Victimization, and Colonial History

This book looks at how cinematic representations of colonial-era victimization inform our understanding of the contemporary age of terror. By examining works representing colonial history and the dynamics of spectatorship emerging from them, Michael F. O’Riley reveals how the centrality of victimization in certain cinematic representations of colonial history can help us understand how the desire to occupy the victim’s position is a dangerous and blinding drive that frequently plays into the vision of terrorism.

Viral Campaign to Encourage Moroccans to Join the Protests

In Morocco, an online video campaign was launched to encourage citizens to participate in protests planned on 20 February. Two videos feature people of various social background who explain why they will participate in "20 February protests" and what their demands are. Freedom, citizens' rights, dignity, no to corruption, no to police mistreatment and humiliation, accesible and quality education and health care, but also the recognition of Amazigh (Berber) as the second official language of the country.
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