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New Issue of the Arab Media and Society

The online journal Arab Media and Society has published its new issue (Issue 21, 2015) that focuses on pan-Arab TV channels, Egyptian media, and terrorism. Some articles include podcasts.

Report: Jihad Trending: A Comprehensive Analysis of Online Extremism and How to Counter It

Quilliam Foundation released its new report titled "Jihad Trending: A Comprehensive Analysis of Online Extremism and How to Counter It" written by Ghaffar Hussain and Erin Marie Saltman. The research conducted for this report focuses on Islamist extremist groups operating in the UK and France, mapping their use of the Internet and what they hope to achieve through heir online activities.

Report: Muslims in Paris

The Open Society Foundations released its paper Muslims in Paris, the eleventh report in the Muslims in EU Cities series produced by the Open Society Foundations At Home in Europe Project. It is the result of research that examines the level and nature of integration of Muslims in 11 cities across Europe (Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Leicester, London, Marseille, Paris, Rotterdam, and Stockholm).

Book: The Languages of Global Hip Hop

This book looks at linguistic, cultural and economic aspects of hip-hop in parallel and showcases a global scope. It engages with questions of code-switching, code-mixing, the minority language/regional dialect vs. standard dynamic, the discourse of political resistance, immigrant ideologies, youth and new language varieties and will be essential reading for graduates and researchers in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis.

New Book: Islam, Security and Television News

Focusing on British, French and Russian television news coverage of Islam as a security threat, the book synthesizes approaches from political science and cultural studies, providing the comparative, interdisciplinary account of how television broadcasting integrates discourses on Islam into distinct, nationally oriented, representational systems.

New Book: Screening Integration: Recasting Maghrebi Immigration in Contemporary France

The book brings together established scholars in the fields of postcolonial, Francophone, and film studies to address the latest developments in this cinematic production. These authors explore the emergence of various genres that recast the sometimes fossilized idea of ethnic difference. The contributors evaluate how Maghrebi films have come to participate in, promote, and, at the same time, critique France’s integration. In the process, these essays reflect on the conditions that allowed for the burgeoning of this cinema in the first place, as well as on the social changes the films delineate.

New Book: Producing Islamic Knowledge: Transmission and Dissemination in Western Europe

This book addresses the broader question of how Islamic knowledge (defined as what Muslims hold to be correct Islamic beliefs and practices) is being produced and reproduced in West European contexts by looking at specific settings, institutions and religious authorities. Chapters examine in depth key areas relating to the production and reproduction of Islamic knowledge.

New Book: Representation and Stereotype in the Comics: Images of Near and Middle Eastern Arabs in the Franco-Belgian Bande Dessinée

Comics are serious business. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten showed the world exactly how much comics can effect the social landscape. This work seeks to examine the changing landscape of Europe from the medium of the comics (in French, la bande dessinée) and posits that social change has altered the face of representations of Near and Middle Eastern Peoples in Europe. As a preliminary study, this theoretical work treats the subject of stereotype as a point of departure, focusing on the fluidity of the stereotype and how it suggests more than cultural differences - it may very well signal the rise of one civilization and the fall of another.
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