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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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New Book: View From the Inside: Contemporary Arab Photography, Video and Mixed Media Art

View From Inside is an expansive presentation of contemporary Arab photography, video, and mixed media art from the Middle East and North Africa. The book shows the works of 49 leading Arab artists from 13 different countries. The works reflect the emergence of photographic, video and digital art as important forms of creative visual expression in the Arab world since the 1990s. The artworks address a broad range of issues that the artists themselves have defined as important to the modern Arab experience.
Svensson, Jonas, ITZ BIDAH BRO!!!!! GT ME?? – YouTube Mawlid and Voices of Praise and Blame. In Muslims and the New Information and Communication Technologies, Muslims in Global Societies Series, Vol. 7 abstract full text
Mosemghvdlishvili, Lela and Jansz, Jeroen, Framing and praising Allah on YouTube: Exploring user-created videos about Islam and the motivations for producing them. New Media and Society, June 2013 vol. 15 no. 4 abstract full text
Piela, Anna, Challenging Stereotypes: Muslim Women's Photographic Self-Representations on the Internet. Religions on the Internet - Aesthetics and the Dimensions of the Senses (Special issue of “Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet") abstract full text PDF
El-Nawawy, Mohammed; Khamis, Sahar, Divergent identities in the virtual Islamic public sphere: A case study of the English discussion forum ‘Islamonline’. Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, Vol. 5, Issue 1, November 2012 abstract full text

New Report: The Video Revolution

The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) at the National Endowment for Democracy released its report titled The Video Revolution written by Jane Sasseen. The report "traces the dramatic rise in the use of crowd-sourced video and examines how this is affecting the international news media landscape and offers recommendations for the media development community for harnessing the power–while mitigating the dangers­­–of citizen-shot video."

Iranian New Wave Cinema

The Persian International Film Festival and The Sydney Society for Literature and Aesthetics
social aspects, Iran, video, cultural studies
Jul 31, 2012

Presidential Election Campaigns in Egypt: TV and Online Video Advertisements

Ahead of the presidential election in Egypt that will be held on 23 and 24 May, several bloggers and mainstream media took a look at candidates' campaigns and video advertisements that have been broadcast on TV channels or appeared online.

Egypt: Anti-SCAF Online Campaigns, Videos and Cartoons

With the continuing rule of the SCAF (The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) in Egypt, anti-SCAF online campaigns and videos are spreading over the Internet. They focus on those negative aspects of the SCAF rule such as cases of violent behavior committed by army members, media manipulation by army seniors, subjecting pro-democracy activists to military trials, and in general they demand the handover of power to a civilian authority. The main slogan in streets, on walls and even in cyberspace is "yasqut hukm il-askar" [Down with Military Rule].
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