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Radsch, Courtney C. , Unveiling the Revolutionaries: Cyberactivism and the Role of Women in the Arab Uprisings. James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University; May 18, 2012 abstract full text PDF
Iskandar, Adel and Haddad, Bassam (eds.), Mediating the Arab Uprisings. Tadween Publishing 2013 abstract full text

New Book: Mediating the Arab Uprisings

The volume includes essays on the tribulations of covering Syria, the contextualization and demythologizing of Facebook activism, the New York Times’ reporting rituals on Palestine, the tumult of Egypt’s media post-Mubarak, the ominous omnipresence of perennial media darling Fouad Ajami, the faltering of Al-Jazeera Arabic in the wake of the uprisings, the gendered sexuality of reporting Egypt, and journalism’s damning failure on Iraq.

New Book: Women and Turkish Cinema: Gender Politics, Cultural Identity and Representation

This book focuses on women and Turkish cinema in the context of gender politics, cultural identity and representation. The central proposition of this book is that enforced depolticisation introduced after the coup is responsible for uniting feminism and film in 1980s Turkey. The feminist movement was able to flourish precisely because it was not perceived as political or politically significant. In a parallel move in the films of the 1980s there was an increased tendency to focus on the individual, on women’s issues and lives, in order to avoid the overtly political.
Berglund, Jenny, Muslim Swim Wear Fashion at Amman Waves on the Internet and Live. CyberOrient, Vol. 3, Iss. 1, 2008 abstract full text
Foster, Angel M.; Wynn, Lisa; Rouhana, Aida; Polis, Chelsea; Trussell, James, Disseminating On-line Reproductive Health Information in Arabic: Results from a Survey of Users of an Emergency Contraception Website. CyberOrient, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, 2006 abstract full text

Winners of Brass Crescent Blog Awards 2012

The Annual Brass Crescent Awards, a project started in 2004 with the purpose of promoting the best of the Muslim blogosphere, were awarded for year 2012. The best Muslim-authored blog is Sarah Farrukh's A Muslimah Writes. More than 1,000 people voted this year.

Campaign to Highlight Women's Rights in the Arab World

Within the campaign to highlight "the oppression of women in the Arab world", a Facebook page The uprising of women in the Arab world (intifada al-mar'a fi al-alam al-arabi) was launched. The page is "for all the women of the region from all religions and ethnicities". Some users posted their photos with statements explaining why they support the uprising of women in the Arab world.

New Book: Arab America: Gender, Cultural Politics, and Activism

The author reveals the complex and at times contradictory cultural and political processes through which Arabness is forged in the contemporary United States, and explores the apparently intra-communal cultural concepts of religion, family, gender, and sexuality as the battleground on which Arab American young adults and the looming world of America all wrangle.
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