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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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keyword: gender

Narrating the Arab Spring - new questions, new modes of resistance and activism, new politics

Feb 18, 2012 – Feb 20, 2012
The Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World(University of Manchester), The Department of English(Cairo University) and The Women and Memory Forum
Hoda Elsadda
gender, activism, social aspects, Egypt, Middle East
Dec 15, 2011

New Book: Arab Cultural Studies: Mapping the Field

The book is an attempt to explore ways of conceptualising and theorising the nascent field of Arab Cultural Studies. It reflects and engages in an interdisciplinary discussion on the different facets of Arab cultural studies, including gender, economy, history, epistemology, language, method, politics, literary and cultural criticism, institutionalization, popular culture, creativity and much more. The book presents a meta-narrative about how scholars have thus far thought and re-thought the field.

New Book: Screens and Veils: Maghrebi Women's Cinema

In her book Florence Martin examines the intersections of nation and gender in seven films, showing how directors turn around the politics of the gaze as they play with the various meanings of the Arabic term hijab (veil, curtain, screen). She analyzes these films on their own theoretical terms, developing the notion of “transvergence” to examine how Maghrebi women’s cinema is flexible, playful, and transgressive in its themes, aesthetics, narratives, and modes of address.

New Book: Muslim Women Online: Faith and Identity in Virtual Space

This book examines Muslim women in transnational online groups, and their views on education, culture, marriage, sexuality, work, dress-code, race, class and sisterhood. Looking at both egalitarian and traditionalist Muslim women's views, the author considers their interpretations of Islam and identifies a new category of holists who focus on developing the Islamic sisterhood. Drawing on detailed analysis of online transcripts, she highlights women's rhetorical techniques and the thorough knowledge of Islamic sources which they use to justify their points in online discussions.

Media, Youth Subcultures and the Politics of Resistance in the Arab World

Apr 20, 2012 – Apr 20, 2012
United Kingdom
Arab Media Center, Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), Westminster University
identity, cultural studies, gender, social networks, social aspects, Middle Eastern studies
Oct 10, 2011

Social Media against Sexual Abuse in Cairo

A group of Egyptian women are taking a stand against sexual harassment and abuse with the creation of HarassMap, a crowdsourced way to monitor and protect women in Cairo. The site asks women to report any sexual assault by calling, texting, emailing or tweeting (#harassmap) the site.

New Book: Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia

This book focuses on these forms and the accompanying practices of production, circulation, marketing, and consumption of Islam. Dispelling the notion that Islam is monolithic, militaristic, and primarily Middle Eastern, the book emphasizes its dynamic, contested, and performative nature in contemporary South East Asia. Written by leading scholars alongside media figures, such as Rhoma Irama and Ishadi SK, the case studies although not focused on theology per se, illuminate how Muslims (and non-Muslims) in Indonesia and Malaysia make sense of their lives within an increasingly pervasive culture of Islamic images, texts, film, songs, and narratives.

International Association for the History of Religions Special Conference 2012: Religions, Science and Technology in Cultural Contexts: Dynamics of Change

Mar 1, 2012 – Mar 3, 2012
Rica Nidelven Hotel, Trondheim
Ulrika Mårtensson, István Keul, Asbjørn Dyrendal (Department of Archaeology and Religious Studies, NTNU) and Bjørn Ola Tafjord (Department of History and Religious Studies, University of Tromsø)
Filip Ivanovic
cultural studies, study of religion, economic studies, gender
Aug 1, 2011

The First CSS Postgraduate Conference on Syria

Sep 1, 2011 – Sep 2, 2011
St. Andrews
The Centre for Syrian Studies, St. Andrews
Tina Zintl
gender, Syria, authority, social aspects, economic studies
May 15, 2011

Muslim Men's Preferences on Matrimonial Sites

Muslimah Media Watch, "a Muslim feminist perspective" online platform, conducted a research on muslim matchmaking sites and males' responses towards certain female profiles. The research examines four matrimonial sites,,, and a newly established, "very visually attractive", and highlights their features and differences between them. To detect men's preferences, the researchers have created various fake profiles that depict three Muslim women who differ in age, family background, ethnic/racial origin, social/economic/educational status and religious practises.
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