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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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Khalid Chraibi, The King, the Mufti & the Facebook Girl: A Power Play. Who Decides What is Licit in Islam?, CyberOrient, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, 2011

The Fifth International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora

Oct 13, 2012 – Oct 14, 2012
University of California, Los Angeles
Iranian Alliances Across Borders
cultural studies, media studies, Iran, activism, gender
Apr 2, 2012

IFA's Report: Iran and the New Media — Challenges for International Broadcasters

The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, ifa), a Germany-based institution for international cultural exchange, released a report titled "Iran and the New Media — Challenges for International Broadcasters".

Change and Continuity in the Middle East - Rethinking West Asia, North Africa and the Gulf after 2011

Jun 11, 2012 – Jun 11, 2012
The London School of Economics and Political Science
United Kingdom
British Society for Middle Eastern Studies
study of religion, democracy, gender, Middle East, cultural studies, economic studies, sociology
Apr 13, 2012

New Book: Screening Integration: Recasting Maghrebi Immigration in Contemporary France

The book brings together established scholars in the fields of postcolonial, Francophone, and film studies to address the latest developments in this cinematic production. These authors explore the emergence of various genres that recast the sometimes fossilized idea of ethnic difference. The contributors evaluate how Maghrebi films have come to participate in, promote, and, at the same time, critique France’s integration. In the process, these essays reflect on the conditions that allowed for the burgeoning of this cinema in the first place, as well as on the social changes the films delineate.
Echchaibi, Nabil, Gendered Blueprints: Transnational Masculinities in Muslim Televangelist Cultures. New York University Press, 2011, In Circuits of Visibility: Gender and Transnational Media Cultures abstract

New Book: Muslims and New Media in West Africa: Pathways to God

In her book Dorothea E. Schulz shows how new media have created religious communities that are far more publicly engaged than they were in the past. Muslims and New Media in West Africa expands ideas about religious life in West Africa, women's roles in religion, religion and popular culture, the meaning of religious experience in a charged environment, and how those who consume both religion and new media view their public and private selves.

Narrating the Arab Spring - new questions, new modes of resistance and activism, new politics

Feb 18, 2012 – Feb 20, 2012
The Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World(University of Manchester), The Department of English(Cairo University) and The Women and Memory Forum
Hoda Elsadda
gender, activism, social aspects, Egypt, Middle East
Dec 15, 2011

New Book: Arab Cultural Studies: Mapping the Field

The book is an attempt to explore ways of conceptualising and theorising the nascent field of Arab Cultural Studies. It reflects and engages in an interdisciplinary discussion on the different facets of Arab cultural studies, including gender, economy, history, epistemology, language, method, politics, literary and cultural criticism, institutionalization, popular culture, creativity and much more. The book presents a meta-narrative about how scholars have thus far thought and re-thought the field.

New Book: Screens and Veils: Maghrebi Women's Cinema

In her book Florence Martin examines the intersections of nation and gender in seven films, showing how directors turn around the politics of the gaze as they play with the various meanings of the Arabic term hijab (veil, curtain, screen). She analyzes these films on their own theoretical terms, developing the notion of “transvergence” to examine how Maghrebi women’s cinema is flexible, playful, and transgressive in its themes, aesthetics, narratives, and modes of address.
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