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Online Audio Conference: "The Future of Islam in the Age of New Media"

On May 31st, sixty speakers comprised of Islamic scholars, new media experts, academics, journalists, bloggers and activists will join the online audio conference titled "The Future of Islam in the Age of New Media". Each speaker will have 60 seconds to discuss the impact of new media on Islam and how Muslims perceive Islam in the digital age. The event is organized and hosted by Amir Ahmad, a digital media and marketing consultant, who blogs at and tweets at @SudaneseThinker.

BBC Manchester on Conversions to Islam in UK

On the 9th January, BBC Manchester broadcasted a report on conversions to Islam in Britain. It included interviews with Lucinda Lavelle, a Muslim convert of Christian-Jewish background, and Leon Moosavi from Lancaster University who is currently working on his PhD thesis titled "Experiences of Muslim Converts in Britain". They talked about conversions to Islam and related issues like the identity or the acceptance by the social environment.

Occidentalism in Turkey: Questions of Modernity and National Identity in Turkish Radio Broadcasting

This book reveals how radio broadcasting showed Turkey's uncertainty over its position in relation to Europe. While the national elite wanted to build their own Turkish identity, at the same time they desired recognition from Europe that Turkey was now a Westernized modern country. The author shows how these tensions played out over the radio in the conflicting depictions and discrepancies between the national elite and 'the people', 'cosmopolitan' Istanbul and 'national' Ankara and men and women (especially in Radio drama). Through radio broadcasting we can see how Occidentalism dictated the Turkish Republic's early history and shaped how modern Turkey saw itself.

Aesthetics and the Dimensions of the Senses

The Online - Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet has published a special issue on Aesthetics and the Dimensions of the Senses, edited by Simone Heidbrink and Nadja Miczek. During the last years with its rapid technological developments applications like online social networks or virtual 3D worlds have been gaining more and more popularity also for religious actors. When analysing religions on the Internet many academic researchers have until today drawn their attention mainly on questions like: if we look at religious web content, what are we actually seeing? And how can we interpret this? May I limit my analysis to the textual components? Or should I include pictures, music etc.? Do I have to include background colour, navigation etc, in my analysis? In an attempt to rethink these questions the editors decided to set up a special issue of this Online Journal which is dedicated to aesthetics and the sensual dimensions of religions on the Internet.
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