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keyword: game studies

Continuum Approaches to Digital Game Studies Book Series (Edited Collection on First Person Shooters)

game studies
Nov 15, 2010

International Festival of Computer Arts: Symposium - Video Games and Cinema, Re-play

Nov 19, 2010 – Nov 20, 2010
video, media studies, game studies
Sep 15, 2010

Palestine in Pixels: The Holy Land, Arab-Israeli Conflict, and Reality Construction in Video Games

This article explores the ways in which Palestine is envisioned, and its representation constructed, in contemporary video games. At the same time, capitalizing on Bogost’s notion of “procedurality”, this article discusses the potential and limitations of various game genres for modeling complex historical, social, and political realities. It focuses particularly on the ways in which the Arab-Israeli conflict is mediated and its perception and evaluation subsequently shaped by these games. By doing so, this article analyzes how the (re)constructions of reality as provided by the video games’ graphical, textual, and procedural logic, serve parallel – albeit contradictory – political and ideological interpretations of real-world events. On a more general level, this article aims to further develop the game genres’ critique by focusing on two contrasting, but equally signifi cant and simultaneous, aspects of video games – the persuasive power of procedurality and the inherent limitations thereof.

Video Games in the Arab World and beyond - Interview with Vit Sisler

Video games are at the core of a renewed focus of interest and have given birth to what are now known as game studies. Games have to be considered as a fully legitimate field of study for both anthropologists and political scientists, as they are shaping worldviews, social networks and identities and they engage phenomenona of cultural domination/ resistance. They eventually crystallise new forms of collective mobilisation and action and have to be considered as cultural artefacts. Vit Sisler, a researcher in game studies, tells us more about the religious and other challenges that games are posing in the Middle East and Muslim world.

Raid Gaza! game comments on the "Operation Cast Lead"

My friend Shawn Clybor has tipped me off to a new game related to the current Middle-Eastern affairs. Raid Gaza! is a simple flash game submitted to user-contributed portal Newgrounds by an anonymous author on 30 December 2008, only three days after the Israeli Defense Forces launched airstrikes on Gaza as a part of "Operation Cast Lead." The game itself is clearly engaged and takes a critical stand against the justification of Israeli military actions. The player controls the Israelis and defends the town of Sderot against Palestinian Qassam rockets.

Gamer Revolution documentary about Afkar Media

The Syrian video game company Afkar Media, already discussed on Digital Islam, has been covered by an interesting TV documentary "Gamer Revolution". This critical acclaimed two-hour special looks how the culture of video games is changing the world. It was created for CBS Television and Discovery Times and distributed internationally by IMG. A video sample, including interview with Radwan Kasmiya (CEO of Afkar Media) and Syrian gamers, is available for free download.

Breaking New Ground: Innovation in Games, Play, Practice and Theory

Sep 1, 2009 – Sep 4, 2009
United Kingdom
Digital Games Research Association
video games, social aspects, virtual worlds, game studies
Apr 17, 2009
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