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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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The 9th Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern Studies

Sep 19, 2013 – Sep 21, 2013
The Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies
Middle Eastern studies, study of religion, social aspects, cultural studies, Middle East
Mar 17, 2013

New Book: Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11

The book discusses positive and negative portrayals of Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. media during the War on Terror. Analyzing how TV dramas such as The Practice, 24, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, and Sleeper Cell, news-reporting, and non-profit advertising have represented Arabs, Muslims, Arab Americans, and Muslim Americans during the War on Terror, the book demonstrates how more diverse representations do not in themselves solve the problem of racial stereotyping and how even seemingly positive images can produce meanings that can justify exclusion and inequality.

New Book: Arab America: Gender, Cultural Politics, and Activism

The author reveals the complex and at times contradictory cultural and political processes through which Arabness is forged in the contemporary United States, and explores the apparently intra-communal cultural concepts of religion, family, gender, and sexuality as the battleground on which Arab American young adults and the looming world of America all wrangle.

New Book: Religion and Hip Hop

This book examines how scholars in religious and theological studies have deployed and approached religion when analyzing Hip Hop data. Using existing empirical studies on youth and religion to the cultural criticism of the Humanities, it argues that common among existing scholarship is a thin interrogation of the category of religion. As such, the author calls for a redescription of religion in popular cultural analysis - a challenge she further explores and advances through various materialist engagements.

Le religieux sur Internet / Religion on the Web

Feb 4, 2013 – Feb 5, 2013
EHESS Paris, Amphithéâtre François Furet
French Association of Social Sciences of Religion (AFSR)
study of religion, social aspects, Internet studies, cultural studies, information and communication technology, media studies
Sep 30, 2012

6th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studies

Mar 26, 2013 – Mar 29, 2013
The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER)
Middle Eastern studies, sociology, cultural studies
Sep 30, 2012
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