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keyword: cultural studies

Iranian New Wave Cinema

The Persian International Film Festival and The Sydney Society for Literature and Aesthetics
social aspects, Iran, video, cultural studies
Jul 31, 2012

Identity Religion and Ethnicity: New Patterns, Realities and Pitfalls

Nov 29, 2012 – Dec 1, 2012
Suleyman Sah University, Istanbul
KULeuven Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies (GCIS), Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) and Department of Sociology (Suleyman Sah University, Istanbul)
study of religion, social aspects, cultural studies

New Book: Muslim Women in Britain: De-Mystifying the Muslimah

This book examines issues of femininity, Britishness, inter-communal relations and social cohesion. Presenting the reader with incisive narratives of Muslim women on familiar topics such as the hijab, Muslim women in the media and feminist debate, particularly in a Western context, Sariya Contractor makes a valuable contribution to the existing literature on Islamic studies, social anthropology, feminist philosophy and social cohesion.

New Book: Reverberations of Dissent: Identity and Expression in Iran's Illegal Music Scene

The author seeks to decipher how members of the underground scene invent and express different versions of ‘being Iranian,’ through the production and distribution of their music. She explores each individual's relationship to their music and also demonstrates how the underground scene as a whole becomes an expression of collective and anti-authoritarian identities. She discusses concepts ranging from inspiration and ingenuity to the notion of being ‘global,’ and how these musicians perceive their political and artistic impact.

Book: The Languages of Global Hip Hop

This book looks at linguistic, cultural and economic aspects of hip-hop in parallel and showcases a global scope. It engages with questions of code-switching, code-mixing, the minority language/regional dialect vs. standard dynamic, the discourse of political resistance, immigrant ideologies, youth and new language varieties and will be essential reading for graduates and researchers in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis.

6th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studies

Mar 26, 2013 – Mar 29, 2013
Gregory Papanikos
sociology, economic studies, cultural studies, Middle Eastern studies
Sep 30, 2012

New Report: The Sharia-Conscious Consumer: Driving Demand

The Economist Intelligence Unit released its report The Sharia-Conscious Consumer: Driving Demand written by Nigel Gibson and edited by Trevor McFarlane. The report "seeks to determine the factors that have an impact on the appetite for a broad range of Sharia-compliant products and services. It assesses the growing Muslim consumer market, consumption patterns across regions and the implications for business."

Book: Directory of World Cinema: Iran

The book turns the spotlight on the award-winning cinema of Iran, with particular attention to the major genres and movements, historical turning points, and prominent figures that have helped shape it. A wide range of genres are presented, including Film Farsi, New Wave, War film, art house film and women’s cinema.

New Book: Iranian Cinema and Globalization

This book seeks to broaden readers’ exposure to other dimensions of Iranian cinema, including the works of the many prolific filmmakers whose movies have received little outside attention despite being widely popular within Iran. Combining theory with in-depth, interdisciplinary analyses of individual films, this volume also expands the current literature on Iranian cinema with insights into the social and political contexts involved.
Zeynep Oguz, Speaking of Invasion: Narratives over Arabs in Eksi Sozluk, a Virtual Community in Turkey, CyberOrient, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, 2011
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