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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
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New Book: Muslim Women in Britain: De-Mystifying the Muslimah

This book examines issues of femininity, Britishness, inter-communal relations and social cohesion. Presenting the reader with incisive narratives of Muslim women on familiar topics such as the hijab, Muslim women in the media and feminist debate, particularly in a Western context, Sariya Contractor makes a valuable contribution to the existing literature on Islamic studies, social anthropology, feminist philosophy and social cohesion.

New Book: Reverberations of Dissent: Identity and Expression in Iran's Illegal Music Scene

The author seeks to decipher how members of the underground scene invent and express different versions of ‘being Iranian,’ through the production and distribution of their music. She explores each individual's relationship to their music and also demonstrates how the underground scene as a whole becomes an expression of collective and anti-authoritarian identities. She discusses concepts ranging from inspiration and ingenuity to the notion of being ‘global,’ and how these musicians perceive their political and artistic impact.

Book: The Languages of Global Hip Hop

This book looks at linguistic, cultural and economic aspects of hip-hop in parallel and showcases a global scope. It engages with questions of code-switching, code-mixing, the minority language/regional dialect vs. standard dynamic, the discourse of political resistance, immigrant ideologies, youth and new language varieties and will be essential reading for graduates and researchers in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis.

New Report: LGBT Republic of Iran: An Online Reality?

Small Media, a non-profit based in London, released its report LGBT Republic of Iran: An Online Reality?, "revealing how Iran’s LGBT communities use global communications technology in their everyday lives."

New Book: Islam, Security and Television News

Focusing on British, French and Russian television news coverage of Islam as a security threat, the book synthesizes approaches from political science and cultural studies, providing the comparative, interdisciplinary account of how television broadcasting integrates discourses on Islam into distinct, nationally oriented, representational systems.

Online Palestine Poster Project Archives

The Palestine Poster Project Archives, an online collection created and maintained by Dan Walsh, contains almost 7000 posters by more than 1400 artists. This web-based archive "displays the broadest possible range of Palestine posters in a searchable format with each poster translated and interpreted".

New Book: God, Jews and the Media: Religion and Israel’s Media

This book delves into the complex relationship between Judaism and the mass media to provide a comprehensive examination of modern Jewish identity in the information age. Covering Israel as well as the Diaspora populations of the US and UK, the author looks at journalism, broadcasting, advertising and the internet to give a wide-ranging analysis of how the Jewish religion and Jewish people have been influenced by the media age.

Book: Arab Youth: Social Mobilization in Times of Risk

This book explores some of the antecedents of the upheavals and anticipates alternative venues of resistance that marginalized youth, from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine to Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iran, can mobilize to realize their emancipatory expectations. Themes covered in this unique volume include the forging of meaningful collective identities in times of risk and uncertainty; youth militancy, neighborhood violence and youth gangs in distinct urban and suburban settings; the surge of youthful activism in political movements, advocacy groups and welfare civic associations; and youths' expressive outlets through popular arts, street music and popular culture.
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