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Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media
keyword: identity

New Book: God, Jews and the Media: Religion and Israel’s Media

This book delves into the complex relationship between Judaism and the mass media to provide a comprehensive examination of modern Jewish identity in the information age. Covering Israel as well as the Diaspora populations of the US and UK, the author looks at journalism, broadcasting, advertising and the internet to give a wide-ranging analysis of how the Jewish religion and Jewish people have been influenced by the media age.

Book: Arab Youth: Social Mobilization in Times of Risk

This book explores some of the antecedents of the upheavals and anticipates alternative venues of resistance that marginalized youth, from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine to Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iran, can mobilize to realize their emancipatory expectations. Themes covered in this unique volume include the forging of meaningful collective identities in times of risk and uncertainty; youth militancy, neighborhood violence and youth gangs in distinct urban and suburban settings; the surge of youthful activism in political movements, advocacy groups and welfare civic associations; and youths' expressive outlets through popular arts, street music and popular culture.

New Book: Digital Religion, Social Media and Culture: Perspectives, Practices and Futures

This anthology collects some of the most current research and reflection on the complex interactions between religion and computer-mediated communication (CMC). The contributions cohere around the central question: how will core religious understandings of identity, community and authority shape and be (re)shaped by the communicative possibilities of Web 2.0? The authors gathered here address these questions in three distinct ways: through contemporary empirical research on how diverse traditions across the globe seek to take up the technologies and affordances of contemporary CMC; through investigations that place these contemporary developments in larger historical and theological contexts; and through careful reflection on the theoretical dimensions of research on religion and CMC.

Book: Kurdish Identity, Discourse, and New Media

The book investigates the ways Kurds use satellite television and Internet to construct their identities. It examines the complex interrelationships between ethno-national identities, discourses, and new media. It offers the first study of discursive constructions of Kurdish identity in the new media, and is also the first CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis) informed comparative study of the contents of the two media. The study pushes the boundaries of the growing area of studies of identity, nationalism and transnationalism, discourse studies, minority language, and digital media.

Call for Papers for edited book - Citizenship in transition: new perspectives on transnational migration between the Middle East and Europe

United Kingdom
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013
Annemarie Profanter (Free University of Bozen Bolzano) and Francis Owtram (University of Exeter)
Europe, cultural studies, economic studies, identity, Middle East
Jan 31, 2012

Early Modernity and Video Games

Mar 15, 2013 – Mar 17, 2013
Düsseldorf University
Florian Kerschbaumer, Tobias Winnerling
art, video games, identity
May 15, 2012

Media, Youth Subcultures and the Politics of Resistance in the Arab World

Apr 20, 2012 – Apr 20, 2012
United Kingdom
Arab Media Center, Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), Westminster University
identity, cultural studies, gender, social networks, social aspects, Middle Eastern studies
Oct 10, 2011

New Book: Technology and National Identity in Turkey: Mobile Communications and the Evolution of a Post-Ottoman Nation

In this book Burce Celik argues that technology has been integral to the transformative process, showing how take-up of modern technologies, such as the cell or mobile phone, has been embraced particularly by those who most easily absorbed new ideals about Turkey and modern Turkishness. Celik draws on cultural theory, psychoanalysis and the philosophy of technology to explore the bonds, desires and dependencies that Turkish citizens have in relation to the cell phone.

Islam, Citizenship and the New Media in Pre- and Post-Revolutionary Egypt

Dec 18, 2011 – Dec 20, 2011
Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo
communication studies, media studies, information and communication technology, Islam, democracy, cultural studies, identity
Oct 1, 2011

Relationships between Diasporas and Their 'Homelands' and Their Impact on the State, National Identities, and Peace and Conflict

Feb 3, 2012 – Feb 5, 2012
Lebanese American University
The Institute for Migration Studies (IMS) at Lebanese American University
study of religion, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, conflict, identity
Nov 10, 2011
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