Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020
Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media

Islamic Jurisprudence in Cyberspace: Construction of Interpretative Authority in Muslim Diaspora

The paper examines the phenomenon of dispensing legal opinions by Islamic scholars via the internet websites. It analyses the strategies which the sites use for establishing themselves as the sources of authority and their interpretative methods. Emphasis is given on jurisprudence for Muslim minorities living in the Western legal systems.

Digital Intifada

The article examines political videogames produced by the Syrian company Afkar Media in Damascus, mainly their recent game Tahta al-Hisar (Under the Siege) and puts them in a broader context of persuasive and serious games. It deals with the representation of the Other and Foreign in videogames, construction of the Arab and Islamic heroes and ongoing digital emancipation of the Middle East.

In Videogames You Shoot Arabs or Aliens - Interview with Radwan Kasmiya

Interview with Radwan Kasmiya, an executive manager of the company Afkar Media, a Syrian studio producing political and other videogames. The interview was made in the company office in Damascus in May 2005, just before their release of a new videogame dealing with Palestinian Intifada ‘Tahta al-Hisar’ (Under Siege).
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